2018 Collin County Primary Election Results

U.S. Congress District 3

Dem-Runoff: Lorie Burch vs Sam Johnson

Rep: Van Taylor

TX Senate District 8

Dem: Mark Phariss

Rep: Angela Paxton

Collin County Commissioner Precinct 2

Dem: Tanner Do

Rep: Cheryl Williams

TX Senate District 30

Dem: Kevin Lopez

Rep: Pat Fallon

TX House District 33

Dem: Laura Gunn

Rep: Justin Holland

Collin County Commissioner Precinct 3

Dem: David Azad

Rep: Darrell Hale

TX House District 66

Dem: Sharon Hirsch

Rep: Matt Shaheen

TX House District 67

Dem: Sarah Depew

Rep: Jeff Leach

Collin County Commissioner Precinct 4

Dem: Byron Bradford

Rep: Duncan Webb

TX House District 89

Dem: Ray Ash

Rep: Candy Noble

TX House District 70

Dem: Julie Luton

Rep: Scott Sanford

Collin County Judge

Dem: Danyell Lanier

Rep: Chris Hill

2018 Key Dates

Feb 5

Last day to register to vote

Feb 20-Mar 2

Primary Election Early Voting

Feb 23

Last day to apply for ballot by mail

Mar 6

Primary Election Day

May 14-18

Early Voting for Primary Runoff

May 22

Primary Run-off Election Day

Oct 9

Last day to register to vote

General Election

Oct 22-Nov 2

General Election Early Voting

Oct 26

Last day to apply for ballot by mail

Nov 6

Election Day

Primary Election

Feb 5

Last Day to Register to Vote

Feb 20 - Mar 2

Primary Election Early Voting

Feb 23

Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail

Mar 6

Primary Election Day

May 14 - 18

Early Voting for Primary Runoff

May 22

Primary Run-off Election Day

Oct 9

Last Day to Register to Vote

Oct 22 - Nov 2

General Election Early Voting

Oct 26

Last day to apply for ballot by mail

Nov 6

Election Day

Register to vote

Where to vote


#CollinCountyVotes focuses on 2018 candidates for offices within Collin County that typically need more awareness, in an effort to give voters a chance to get to know their local representatives on the ballot. Offices that are elected state wide are not included.


Your U.S. Congressional Representative is responsible for representing your interests in Washington D.C. Their decisions impact the federal government’s role in your life in many large and small ways, including policies on taxes, immigration, health care, infrastructure funding, federal regulations and more.


Your Texas State Senator is one of 31 Senators responsible for state laws that impact Texas and the region.  Passage through the Senate is a necessary step for any bill to become a state law.


District 8 represents Plano, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Allen, Fairview, Lucas, Park and parts of Richardson and Dallas.

District 30

District 30 represents the Collin County cities of Prosper, Celina, New Hope, Melissa, Weston, Anna, Blue Ridge, Princeton, Farmersville, Josephine, Nevada, Lavon and Lowry Crossing.

Your State Representative is one of 150 members in the Texas House of Representatives, the second of the two chambers through which bills must pass on their way to becoming a state law.

Districts 33, 66, 67, 70, 89

District 33

District 33 represents Frisco, Blue Ridge, Farmersville, Josephine and Royse City.

District 66

District 66 represents the western portion of Plano.

District 67

District 67 represents Plano and Allen.

District 70

District 70 represents McKinney, Prosper, New Hope, Melissa, Celina, Weston and Anna.

District 89

District 89 represents eastern Plano, Parker, Wylie, Murphy, Lucas, Saint Paul, Lowry Crossing and Lavon.

The County Judge represents all residents in Collin County.

The Collin County Commissioners Court is comprised of the County Judge and four commissioners elected in districts throughout the county.  The County delivers services including justice, public safety, infrastructure, and public health.

Precinct 2

Collin County Precinct 2 represents eastern Plano, northern Richardson, Parker, Murphy, Wylie and Saint Paul.

Precinct 3

Collin County Precinct 3 represents Allen, McKinney, Fairview, Lucas, Lowry Crossing, New Hope, Princeton, Melissa, Anna, Blue Ridge and Farmersville.

Precinct 4

Collin County Precinct 4 represents western Plano and the northern tips of Richardson and Dallas.


Plano: Candidate Forum Collin County Commissioners Court

Feb 6, 2018

Frisco: State and County Primary Election Candidate Forum

Feb 12, 2018

Allen: Eggs & Issues: Meet the Candidates

Feb 16, 2018

McKinney: Candidate Forum - Collin County Commissioner Pct. 3

Feb 21, 2018

Richardson: Senatorial Candidate Forum

Feb 27, 2018

CollinCountyVotes is a cooperative effort between the Collin County Business Alliance (CCBA) and local Chamber of Commerce partners to educate business leaders and residents about local elections and to encourage greater voter participation.

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